Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Winged Neighbor

It is a two story house with blue siding. On my way from work to my car, I can see they have a tiny little neighbor who has taken up residence on the second story windowsill. A morning dove has staked out a little territory and built herself her own home addition. She is there every time I pass the house, sitting on her nest.

I would have such a hard time not bothering her if she were on my window sill. I would want to watch and feed her. Oh, and of course she would have a name. There would also probably be a good five hundred pictures of her as well.
I wonder what the dove sees during the day. As she looks down from her little home, there would be cars and people walking. Children bicycling and skateboarding up and down the sidewalk as they enjoy the last little bit of summer might not even notice their quiet dark eyed observer. Some of the residents at the adult assisted living apartments walk this block as part of their daily routine. As they stroll past, do they notice the quiet tucking of wings? It’s like a little reminder of guardian angels that we have tucked into our own lives that we don’t even notice.
I love the little addition that has been built on that house. What a wonderful neighbor!