Monday, August 16, 2010


   An adorable puppy joined our home a few days ago, just for a night as her people were out of town. At fourteen weeks old, she is tiny compared to the labs that are full grown and quite at home in their home. For quite some time, when one of the labs would head toward her at full play speed, she would find the handiest hiding spot. Then, there would be this cute little face looking at the big dogs from under the chair. Soon, one of the dogs learned that the puppy would play with her if she would just lay down and let this little creature come to her.

   Puppies are a lot of work. They are babies, and require a great deal of attention. But, it was fun to see again a puppy exploring her world. Plants were smelled, bushes were bounced on, puppy kisses were had, and a little mouth explored its world through taste. Soon, all three of the girls were running around outside together.
   Puppies are mischief on four paws. They eat things they shouldn’t. They make messes in the house. They bark and cry. Their teeth are sharp. And they are a lot of work! But, they are also cuddly and are happy to see you upon arrival. They are learning to play, learning to be adult dogs. They are too cute when they play with toys. And when they first discover their own tail and chase it round and round, well if you don’t laugh there is something wrong with you. So, don’t get a puppy unless you are willing to put the time and effort and attention and work in that is required to make it into a good dog. But if you are, you will be rewarded in a thousand ways from a creature that speaks without any human words.