Friday, August 13, 2010

Vets Visit

    Megan, my chocolate lab, has a head cold. It started out about a week ago with a little sneezing and a stuffy nose. It progressed to a night where I finally just moved her mouth so it was open. I wasn’t worried about my own lack of sleep at that moment, and was more concerned about her breathing. So, it was a trip to the vet.

    I have a great vet! He’s a farm vet and really loves the animals. Megan was very excited to go for a RIDE when I got home and started pulling out the leash and collar. She did her happy puppy dance all the way to the car, twirling and spinning. She parked herself in the backseat in front of the air vent. We have years of car rides with the two of us and Megan learned a long time ago that her balance is best when she sits or lies down in the car. So, she sat down and we started off.
     Arriving at the vet, Megan went in and I was relieved that there were no other dogs in the lobby. For a people friendly dog, she isn’t terribly dog friendly. It can make for some tense moments. And that happened just a few minutes later. Out of an exam room came three collies. One slipped its leash and came over to say hi. Needless to say, Megan got moved over and I tightened my grip on her collar as the collies’ person came over to reclaim her.
     Then, one of the ladies working there came by and offered Megan a treat. She was all wiggly once again and accepted the treat happily. We sat there a little longer. And if I would be in a hurry it would have been hard to sit. However, a vet trip is kind of a nerve wracking thing for Megan, so it’s good if she can wait for a little while before heading into the exam room. Then, a graying Great Dane made its way inside. The poor baby got so nervous that he pottied all over the rug. The people looked embarrassed, and the staff handled it with considerable aplomb. The poor dog though, he was taken outside and sat down on the side walk. If a dane could look embarrassed, this one did.
     Anyway, Megan made it through her exam, got lots of treats and was proud of herself. I’m glad to have a good vet!