Thursday, August 19, 2010

Glass Walls

   I have always read how writers are often at their most effective when they write from their own experience. So guys, hang in there – because I write from a woman’s perspective better.

   There is a concept which seems to be floating around that women are better at seeking out help and the guidance and help of others. Yes, we may be more open to talking about our lives, but I’m not sure that we are really that good at asking for help. Instead, I think we look for super woman in ourselves. To be the perfect woman in everything we do, with a good attitude, a cheery disposition, the perfectly organized calendar, and an answer for every problem. Wow – if such a woman exists, she really does deserve a cape! And yet, we demand super woman behavior from ourselves so often, when it just not possible.
   Leadership training will bring up the concept of delegation, focusing on your strengths, and learning to rely on the strengths of others to compensate for weaknesses. Women, we need this training too! We need to be able to have broken the glass walls in our life with someone at some time. We have glass walls that need broken because we need to shatter the self and society made supposition of being super woman. So many opportunities are lost when we hide behind our glass walls and pretend that all is well. Knowing that the glass is there, we put on all the trimmings that we can. We Windex the window, dust everything in sight, and try to ignore that everything that doesn’t quite match or fit is stuffed in the closet.
   Ladies, let’s open up to each other and break those glass walls. We can have something so much better by leaning on each other, relying on strengths and experiences of others. Unpack the closet, then fold up your cape and put that in the closet.