Friday, March 18, 2011

Anticipation of a Western Sky

   I stood outside of a campground laundry, listening to the dryers run and watching my breath fog up in front of me. Then, looking up I saw something that took my breath away. The sky was completely full of stars. I mean, I have seen star filled skies before, but nothing like this. Without cities around, I really understood for the first time why it was called the Milky Way.

   Now, I’m looking forward to seeing that sight again. I can’t wait until I get to see that sight again. There is a grandeur to this planet that can take my breath away. Mountains that sweep up to the sky in strong peaks and hidden vales are home to the most amazing climbers, goats that seem to have feet that could never hold them on the tiny ledges – but do. Plains that move with the wind like the ocean, and hold a smell from a purple clover like plant that just smells purple, the birds dip and dive over the plants. Lupine growing in valleys, purple and pink, with bees that travel from petal to petal searing out hungrily for food. Tiny little insects and giant buffalo, geysers and crystal clear ice chilled pools. I do long to see that sky again, and once again sing, “How Great Thou Art.”