Monday, March 7, 2011

Cardinals in the Cedars

   At the edge of the yard, a few cedars stand. They have retained three green hue even through a long, and very snowy, winter. The cardinals really seem to love those branches, because in the mornings I often see them tucked into the branches, peeking out at the morning. The brilliant crimson of the feathers stand out in the cedar, creating a classic Christmas card look each morning. When the colors are combined with the being struck by the morning sun, it becomes an effect which really belongs more to oil paint than birds and trees. The cardinal is a brilliant color and when it is in the sun, its color is only brighter and more pronounced.

   God made us with unique characteristics, bits of color in our character. We are certainly responsible to grow these strengths. Then, they are to be used to the most honorable and right to forward God’s people and purpose. But, as much as we work on these gifts, it is when the Son’s light is part of the equation that we really see the attributes stand out distinctively.