Saturday, March 5, 2011


   Spring is coming, it really is. Between the robins and a tiny little green leaf sticking out of a sidewalk crack, I’m sure that it is coming. There are all of these beautiful little signs, and then Boom! A crack of lightning strikes, the temperatures plummet and ice coats the twigs again. Late snows, mud, thunder, and a cold rain are also parts of spring. Spring approaches and it can be tumultuous as the warmth approaches.

   If I didn’t know that spring was coming, and that soon the flowers were to be budding, I would probably wonder at it’s approach. Is it worth it, to see flowers, to go through the cold and mud and storms? Sometimes, our life is about to open into a spring. There are flowers and warm sunny days right around the corner. But, as it approaches, all we can see are the turbulent days which occur leading up to the seasonal change. Without the approach of spring, those flowers wouldn’t have the moisture in the ground for growth, we wouldn’t have the food we need for growth.
   Give it time, keep looking for spring’s approach.