Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Light Effects

There was an ice storm a few nights ago. Waking up, I found a layer of ice covering everything. After letting the car run for quite some time, I was able to scrape the remainder off the car. A tenuous walk in to work, led to me being a bit apprehensive about walking out to my car later. Would it still be slick outside? The power of the sun was at work and where it’s rays could reach the ice had melted off. I was amazed at the difference of the effect the light made, and started thinking about light.

God is described as light, and wants us to bring up the icy patches, the slippery spots, in our lives so that he can melt them. The ice could be issues that we don’t want to deal with, hard or cold parts that are painful to touch. But, when God’s light touches them, they start melting and become softer. Then, the shell melts away and the light contacts the surface. God moves and His light creates change.