Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Artist

   First of all – let me just say, that is just my musing. Please go back to the Bible to read the true and complete account of the birth of Christ.

   I find images in stone and wood, hidden in the mediums in front of me. My tools are extension of my hands, on a good day. On a not so good day, well – let’s just say that stone can take an unfortunate chip or crack. But, today is a good day and I have just heard that one of the governor’s servants is arranging to commission a carving. He wants the statue of a woman to grace the entry of a new bath that is being constructed. It will of course be in the Roman style, as he will prefer. I spend hours on my art, planning and studying the stone. Of course I want people to admire it, enjoy it. But, mostly I carve out the pieces because I can see them and they call to me from within the stone.
   I heard something the other day that caught my imagination for a new piece, an angel. There is this fellow I grew up with, Joseph. We have been close friends for years. Well, he came in here the other day to visit before he left with his betrothed, Mary, for Bethlehem. What a story he had to tell! An angel came to Joseph and told him about Mary’s rather delicate situation. I suppose I sound like the town scold, but I’m rather relieved that I’m not in my buddy’s shoes right now. Anyway, he told me the story – about the angel and Mary being pregnant. I admit it’s just too much for my mind to take in. But, the description of that angel ; now that stuck with me. I have a piece of marble I’ve been saving for something special. I think that this will be just the thing. An angel, who would have believed?