Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It’s a Good Thing He’s Cute

   It’s been such an adventure the last few days managing a puppy with one person shy what is normal. Yesterday, after having a lunch break in which Buddy had the opportunity to get out of his crate, run around like a little mad man, and eventually had to go back into his pen; he decided that he would share his displeasure. First it was normal puppy rowdiness. Puppies are rowdy, especially labs. They are sweet and cute, but they can be quite mischievous when given the chance. Well, this was mischievousness inspired. The evening went something like this….

   Buddy piddled in the floor three times before we managed to get him out the door. He did more outside (I don’t know where he stores all that liquid). Coming back in, he did the same thing! After a thorough scolding, he sat down and practiced his best pouty put out sorry face. The problem was that he was so darn cute that it took everything I had not to laugh, let alone be upset with him. In the meanwhile, the paper towels were flying, the Woollite doing it’s best imitation of a short squirting fountain. When the flood passes, I find the pup doing an army belly crawl across the chairs at the dining room table. Retrieving the squirmy furry boy, he was placed amidst his toys. He peed on one of these as well. Oh my goodness!!! Out come the paper towels, cleaner, and we head outside again. More scolding heading out, more praise as Buddy does business outside. I take the opportunity while he is paused in a moment of concentration to remind him that it’s a good thing he’s cute. Upon entering the house, Buddy curls up on the couch. Finally, a sweet moment for cuddles and loving on a puppy. But wait, my pants are wet where I have sat. My pants are wet? Buddy!!!!
   There are sometimes that you have to laugh. I know that this is his way of saying, I don’t appreciate being put into my kennel while you are at work. I don’t much care that you have to go to work, you should be at home playing with me! I mean, come on – look how cute I am! So, I laughed, headed to the bathtub as quickly as possible, and reminded the little furry terror once again, “it’s a good thing you’re cute!”