Monday, December 20, 2010

Impact of Strength

“Be strong and courageous” “Be strong and very courageous” “Don’t be afraid” “Take courage”

   The phrases are found in many places over the Word of God. What could possibly have caused such fright that people needed this constant bolstering of their courage? There were invasions, famines, enemy rulers, and idol worship to content with. However one of the largest seems to be the courage to do what God has asked or commanded His people to do.
   He asked his own son to give up his heavenly home, a perfect place, to come here as an infant – powerless to the care of human parents. That must have taken quite the goodly amount of courage. The actions seem to take as much courage as the other factors affecting people in the Bible.
  Today is not that different. We are asked as Christ followers to act according to God’s purpose. It takes courage to do this. It is the courage to stand firm, to speak up, to know the difference between kindness and wishy washy’ness. It leaves us on the outside of many things, on the odd side or minority side of many choices. But we put off the things of this world and bear up with courage that God supplies knowing that in the end, it is worth it.
   It was an impact of strength those many years ago. Mary, Joseph – they were given a choice and chose to be of courage. We have the same choice today. Take heart, be strong and very courageous – go and see the impact of God’s strength.
   (Deuteronomy 31:6; Judges 1:7; Matthew 14:27; Acts 23:11)