Friday, December 24, 2010

The Impact – Christmas Eve

   Today is Christmas Eve, the last day prior to the actual Christmas day. I’ve been reading an advent prayer every day as a way to focus my thoughts on Jesus and his birth. As the list of things to get done, go do, and go see are crossed off, I find my minding becomes less focused on the things and more focused on the day and event in itself.

   That really hit my heart yesterday, with the words of familiar Christmas carols playing over the radio in my car. Silent night and the angels sang, Gloria, Shepherds watch their flocks, Away in the Manger… I felt like I could just have been knocked over by a feather as the amazing facts of the birth of Christ came hitting fresh. Gratitude flooded my heart as I thought of the preparation Jesus must have made to leave His heavenly home, knowing the humble circumstances he would have on this earth.
   I hope that you have a pleasant Christmas Eve and a wonderful Christmas that is full of the joy and gratitude of Christ’s sacrifice.