Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas – Discovery

There is a smattering of snow on the ground. Not enough to cover the longer blades of grass, but a sufficient amount to create a powder sugar dusting effect over the lawn and driveway. This is the first snow for the puppy and it was an eagerly anticipated moment to see what the reaction would be. Sleepy indifference led to focused investigation as the puppy discovered everything he could about the snow. I cautioned him to stay away from any snow that isn’t white, but other than that – let him jump from snowy paw to snowy paw.

A puppy’s first snow is a time of great discovery. They plow through little drifts that reach the tips of paws and poke their curious noses into the white wet and attempt to determine why all the smells have changed. This was no exception. I had to laugh when Buddy found out that if he pushed the snow across the driveway, his mound would grow to a towering height of about three inches. At that point, he could attack it with his pink tongue and great puppy vigor. Sticks were even more fun as they were discovered laying in snow, thus serving a duel purpose of toy and a wonderful way to help with teething gums. I look forward to many days ahead of discovery for Buddy as he discovers his first winter and Christmas. The enthusiasm and excitement he finds for each of these new things is such fun to watch.