Saturday, December 11, 2010

Elizabeth’s Neighbor

   First of all – let me just say, that is just my musing. Please go back to the Bible to read the true and complete account of the birth of Christ.

   You know, I always thought they were a bit strange. I mean perfectly respectful and well liked in the community, but a bit odd. Elizabeth and Zechariah, standards in the neighborhood, the local children love them. Elizabeth is always so quick to help out though, right there at the neighborhood garage sale and making cookies for the bake sale. And, Zechariah – he’s a very devout man. He seems to have a special relationship with the Sovereign Lord.
   Of course, the strangeness has only intensified the last several months. Zechariah went to the temple for the yearly sacrifice. He prepared as normal, and truthfully, I didn’t think much about it. I mean we had a ton of things goings on. The house was being remodeled, the kids were just getting over terrible colds, and my husband was having some problems at work. So, with all of that, you can understand why the news of Zechariah preparing for the time at the temple was not really a surprise, but just not something high on my pay attention list. Well, that all changed when he came back, struck completely dumb! I mean it, the man couldn’t utter a single sound. Then we find out, Elizabeth is pregnant. I’m very excited for her. She has wanted a child for so long, but at her age? To top it all off, Elizabeth’s family member Mary, she arrived pregnant and unwed. And what a story that child has, something about an angel?
   Odd I tell you...