Friday, December 10, 2010

Joseph’s Mom

   First of all – let me just say, that is just my musing. Please go back to the Bible to read the true and complete account of the birth of Christ.

   Her memory of Joseph, starting with his birth, was filled with many sweet memories of growing up and watching him become a man. The first day that Joseph toddled into his father’s carpentry shop, he tumbled right into a pile of wood shavings and came out filthy and smelling of fragrant wood. But, that was years ago. Now, her boy, her baby, was grown and making his own choices. She thought that that Mary girl was going to be a good wife. But now, with the baby coming, she just didn’t know.
   Joseph had sat them both down, she and her husband, to tell them the news. She remembers her heart leaping into her throat, what? An angel said what? God’s son coming in this way? How does one go about being a grandparent to God’s son? She felt her hopes and dreams of being a grandma of her son’s children, watching them grow and learn, crash. But, God’s son was going to be her grandson… Well, that would show that infernal neighbor woman down the street who was always bragging about her children!
   She chuckled to herself as she thought back over the torrents of thoughts that had streamed into her mind and the moment of realization that had struck. Her son, her baby was being asked to raise God’s son. The realization struck like a knife and pierced through all of the thoughts. Her breath was taken away. How could this be? What would this mean?
   She didn’t know and waited instead with baited breath to hear of the labor of Mary, to hear about the birth of this much thought of baby.