Monday, December 27, 2010

The Empty Mall

   Our shopping mall isn’t really quite the hot spot of mercantile activity that others are, but still, there are a few stores and a movie theater. The day before Christmas is known as a major shopping day. There are the last minute gifts to buy, the just so perfect outfit for that party, and the last bit of décor for the dinner. So, I thought that this mall would be at least a hot spot of the last little bit of festive planning. A Santa picture place was staged, a few trees were set up here and there for decoration. Carols played over the loud speakers. But, the halls were fairly empty minus the people who actually worked there and had to be there. A few shoppers were there, but they looked rather humdrum at best. It was an empty, depressing sight.

   Standing at the window of the mall, doing a bit of people watching, it struck me that for too many of us, our hearts are much like that mall. If we could see inside, it would look empty of joy and with only the required actions taking place, just enough to function. How sad it is to have an empty heart, to have a sense of life that is withered not with age but with emptiness and coldness. It struck me over after hearing a conversation take place not soon after about how Christmas was just another Saturday. Sitting on a mall bench, talking on the cell phone – this individual apparently didn’t have anyone that they had been invited to spend Christmas with. That is quiet sad in and of itself; but to remain so insular when there are so many people who have such needs that could be reached out to and to remain isolated anyway.
   I encourage you to reach out, make the decision to contact others and open up those heart doors.