Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Foot Soldier

   First of all – let me just say, that is just my musing. Please go back to the Bible to read the true and complete account of the birth of Christ.

   I’m stationed in Bethlehem. It’s my first real assignment away from my own home in Oppius. We took a ship from Rome to the port here in Judea. I admit, it’s been a tough transition. I can’t keep the different people groups apart; from Pharisee to Sadducee and everything between. The laws that these people have are strict and completely foreign. I wouldn’t admit it to my own peers, but I do admire how stubbornly the Judeans are clinging to their own beliefs and cultures.
   Caesar has called for a census. It seems that he wishes to know exactly how many people there are within his kingdom. Of course there are other purposes, taxes and government. But, I do wonder how much of it is ego. Not that I would share that either.
   In the meanwhile, this was thought to be some grand adventure. Now that I’m here I’m not so sure. There is the unfamiliarity, but there is something else. There seems to be something going on, an undercurrent running through the street. There is an excitement, a sense of something building, but I’m not sure what.
   This little town is packed full of people. I even heard of some sleeping in the stalls at an inn’s stable. I suppose that you get shelter where you can. But, whoever heard of people making such reverent trips to see someone in a stable? Do all of these people act this way around a new baby or is this something special. And really, who defines this as special if born amongst hay and pack animals. Still, there is something going on…