Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cancerous Complaint

   Nobody wants to ever hear the word cancer involved in a medical report for themselves or a loved one. In fact, even the hint of a possibility of a shadow is too close for comfort. Yet, probably the vast majority of us have the cancerous creep of complaining that creeps into our lives and spreads through joints and nodes.

   Yeah, well, but… The excuses come in quickly. What is complaining and what is simply stating something that is needing change or to be addressed? Is there a difference between venting, seeking, advice, and gossip?
   As Thanksgiving approaches and as so many take it upon themselves to think of something they are thankful for, I’m going to conduct a little not so scientific experiment. I’m going to try to go this week without complaining. I want to know both how hard that is, and what the results are.