Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Celebrate Each Day

   The brain child of a crack media team, the product of a marketing configuration, leads to a series of banners around the parks at Disney with the wonderful slogan, Celebrate Today. I really do love that idea, and yesterday had a reminder of how this is a choice.

   My beautiful chocolate lab, as she is approaching her tenth birthday, is having breathing problems. There is an obstruction in her nose. Currently, we don’t know what it is – whether polyp or cancer, But, whatever it is, it is leaving my independent girl as someone who wants held and touched. My heart is sad, and I’m concerned about her. Driving home, it struck me that this is the time of my choice. I can choose to celebrate today. It’s not that I’m ignoring what might be coming in the next days and months, but those days are not here yet. So, I’m choosing to celebrate today with Megan. I will enjoy her personality and her character. I choose to not ignore, but to celebrate regardless.