Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Complaint Perspective

   Perspective can mean a lot of different things. To an artist, it could change the angles, the way that the eye moves across the picture. Perspective could be the focus for the author, writing in first or second or third person. Perspective is that view which can move the brush stroke, camera click, or curl of the pen’s ink to move ideas and attitudes from one area to another.

   With that, I found out today that with trying no complaining it also depends on perspective of heart, mind, mouth, and spirit. I mean that I have to maintain the right perspective throughout the day. I found out a couple things today. One is that it’s not easy to maintain. The proverbial apple cart doesn’t have to be upset and dumped, it can just be tipped a bit more than is comfortable. At that point, I would like to stop and remind life (and anyone within hearing distance) that I am not a teeter-totter. Yet, that doesn’t work so well. So, today I tried to maintain a calm attitude. I practiced giving things to God as they came and found that the teeter tottered back to where it was supposed to be. With that, I found that the way I responded made an enormous difference. If the perspective is a negative one, it is much easier to find myself complaining rather than dealing with someone or something in a positive manner. My mind, heart, mouth, and spirit need to stay where God wants them to. Easy? No, of course not. But, worthwhile? Absolutely!