Monday, November 8, 2010

Celebrate Today

   What a whirlwind week! Iowa to Orlando and back led to many different people and places to see, food to eat, and miles to walk; a wonderful not as planned trip. I have had so many different blog ideas from the trip, but I wanted to start with one that struck me as we went to some Disney parks. The theme Celebrate Today is on the banners as you approach. I love that phrase – Celebrate Today. In two simple words, this sums up a very complex idea.

   Celebrate, take the saved for important and special occasions eat on the good china mentality, and apply it. It is an appreciation of the small and big things, a mentality that seeks out the good. When we look for the good, it is often that which we see. If I celebrate something, I am often looking forward to it. I anticipate the enjoyment of the moment, the sharing of a time or purpose with others.
   Today, notice the immediacy of that – really stop and take notice. Today, not tomorrow where we are looking forward to something which has not arrived. Today, not yesterday when we are looking back on what was and cannot be changed. Today, the immediate moment, the time we have and can change.
   Celebrate today. I am going to challenge myself to keep that Disney mentality moving forward. I hope you do to.