Monday, November 22, 2010

Truth or Complaint

   I’ve presented myself a challenge to really monitor and curtail any complaining I might be doing for this week. I’m hoping that I find at the end of the week a new focus on the words I use and the attitude they are shared with.

   So, the first day came and went and as I look back, I think that one area that must be buttoned up is the difference between truth and complaint. If someone sidles up and asks, “How are you?” If we are honest, we may have to say something other than the standard answer of fine. Instead, we may need to answer that we are really having a rough day, perhaps feel poorly, or are just so-so. There is a difference between acknowledging truth, even unpleasant truth, and complaining.
   It is the next breath that the complaint can come. Complaints are the whining and nagging that can come after. For a Sunday, it wasn’t too hard overall, but there were a few moments when I caught myself afterward. Was that a bit of sarcasm and carping that just came out of my mouth? Where is the duct tape when I need it? Again, I stress that it is not the same thing as discussing or simply stating facts, but it is when the criticism comes in. So, it was hard, but I did find my focus was a little different as I tried to be more fact based and less fault finding.