Saturday, November 20, 2010


   If I could live anywhere, regardless of how far it is from everyone of my friends and family… it’s a nice dreamy thought. Someplace with mountains and a lake, pine trees, and quiet woods. Or perhaps it would be a warm breezed bluff over a beach, with palm trees and the sound of the water lapping on the shore below. A windy plain with high grasses blowing back and forth, and enjoying the subtle colors of grasses and flowered blooms, this might be nice as well. Of course, these are just ifs.

   Thanksgiving is coming in a few days, not really an if. But, for some it will be an if just because it will be if they have something for that meal, if they have something to help mark a special day, if it is a special day. Today we have the chance to help some people remove the if. A mobile food bank is setting up and delivering food to the community as it needs it. I can only imagine the change of discussion from if dinner is had, if even a full meal will be had, to an excitement of how the materials can be dispersed and planned. The if changes to when, the excitement builds, and a hope is rekindled.
  The power to overcome the if, that is a power indeed.