Monday, November 1, 2010

Visiting the Body

   Yesterday, we visited the Lord’s body in Lakeland, Florida. I love visiting other churches. You get fresh ideas from seeing how they do things. I also love the feel of the fresh perspective of being able to worship with others, hear them sing and pray. But, I think my favorite part is experiencing being part of the active body of Christ, a different part than I usually see.

   It is easy to forget amidst the routine of the weekly worship that there are others throughout the world engaged in something similar. It might look a little different. The music styles, languages, or location may be different. We may all dress differently and have a different style for a service. But even while there are those differences, there are so many similarities that we must not forget to recognize.
   I had the opportunity to worship with fellow brothers and sisters in the Church yesterday and was so warmly welcomed. So many smiles, handshakes, and conversations occurred that it was a wonderful reminder of how wonderful heaven will be. You see, we share a common purpose. And with that we are already part of something much bigger than we as individuals are part of. It reminded me of how sweet it will be to see these people again someday. Probably, it won’t be in Lakeland, Florida. But in heaven, we could finally have a chance to sit down and talk. We can sing together, worship together, and pray together again.