Sunday, November 14, 2010

Swimming Lessons

   If you ever happen to be able to see the Finding Nemo show – go see it. The show is great, the singers wonderful, and the puppets are truly personifications of the characters. Enter the theater, sit in the chair and as the lights dim, prepare yourself for a swimming lesson. I won’t give you particulars on the show; it’s a wonderful treat to be surprised and delighted like I was. But, I will say to pay attention to Dory. She has a rather precarious grasp of memory, but has a firm stance on an attitude which can be helpful. “Just keep swimming” is a line that you hear scattered throughout the musical, often coming from this fishy character.

   Just keep (fill in the blank). Perseverance is a difficult attitude to maintain at times. Whether it is a resolution made on the cusp of a new year or any type of choice or change, it can be much easier to maintain the status quo and not move forward. But, if you keep swimming, moving, running, thinking, exploring, the very words imply movement and action. It is when things become difficult that it is even more important, it is when we stick out the rough times and do not just hide away from life.
   There are times when I want to hide away, say that things are too much and too rough. Stop this, I’ve been sucked into a whirlpool and want out of the ocean! I may need a break after being tossed and turned in currents. But, then I must keep swimming.