Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas – The Ornaments

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is decorating the trees.  Every year, I find a blend of familiar and new.  New arrangements of old ornaments are carefully planned and placed on the tree.  Ribbon is wound around the branches in sweeping swags of color, picking up the light and adding their own new color scheme.  But, it is more than the color, it is the memories.  The memories when I pick up flour based cookies, that are more like fired clay, that were painted by a great-grandmother who passed away several years ago.  The memories are good and strong.  Another ornament is of the Nutcracker, as the dancers are posed in porcelain, forever echoing the grace of that movement.  It reminds me of Florida winters and the Saenger Theater.  An ivory colored porcelain ornament with doors that swing open on tiny hinges reveal a nativity and bring back other memories.  As this Christmas approaches, I am looking forward to pulling out the ornaments and renewing the memories.