Friday, November 12, 2010


   Veterans Day was yesterday, a day set aside to remember our veterans, those who have served in both peace and war time. So, let me start by a saying a big thank you to all of those who have served. Not only those in uniform, but the support in the offices, the support in the homes, and the support of the families; thank you for your sacrifice, your work, your effort.

   She always smelled like White Linen, walked miles nearly everyday, and had both candy and wisdom for each visitor. A conversation sparked a memory of Granny, the name that everyone used for my great-grandmother. With her pearly white hair, quick wit, and deep family love, the combination of many years of life lessons, sorrows, and triumphs made her into a source of strength within the family.

   What made her from just another wonderfully loved grandmother into Granny, the matriarch with guidance and wisdom for her family? What changed her from the woman who liked to walk in the woods and watch football while taking little naps to the woman who survived when she wanted to give up?
   I think part of it was a decision to continue on during a difficult time. There were some extremely difficult situations, times when I’m sure she just wanted to give up. But, she didn’t and that I think is where the crucible was turning the raw materials into something tempered and extremely strong. Persisting in life, in times when it would have been much easier to pull the blankets over her head and refuse to move, she got out of bed and continued on. Instead, she did even more than just survive, she flourished and became a vital and well loved woman of wisdom, lively personality, and a community that loved her.
   I miss Granny, I miss the smell of white linen and her laugh. But, I thank her for the lessons she left.