Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just Cover my Mouth with Duct Tape

   Well, day two of not complaining has come and gone. What I noticed today is that not complaining is much more difficult when others are around who are complaining. Why is that? It’s almost like the common cold. We take flu shots, drink orange juice, and still the common cold floats through populations.

   So, if complaining is contagious, it is also possible that the reverse could be true. Perhaps by not complaining in the midst of complaining will produce a positive result. But, with what purpose; why not just go ahead complain? Think about the difference. One thing goes wrong in the day, you stop to complain to someone else. They are just a bit more deflated after the conversation. Then, when something else doesn’t go right, it becomes even more wrong. You complain more, perhaps with some additional volume, and it deflates others a bit more. Not to mention, that midst all of this that a considerable amount of time that could have been taken to deal with and possibly solve the problem. With that in mind, I’m hoping that that is effect I see.