Friday, November 26, 2010

Summing Up the Complaint Monitoring Week

   This week I have been attempting to monitor and curtail any complaints that might be coming from me. So, today being Friday, I’m going to stop and attempt to sum up the good and bad of what was, wasn’t and what was learned.

  Firstly, let me say that it was not a perfectly accomplished week. I had my moments of the moan and groan syndrome. However, I do think it was somewhat curtailed with intent to try and not complain. But that is really only the tip of the results. Instead it has been a week to remind me of the implications of the choice to or not to complain. I have been both reminded and learned anew the domino effect that complaining can have. As one word piles on to the next and then the next and next, soon a whole tidal wave is occurring which is eating time, energy, and not solving anything. However, the opposite is true as well, and the positive words can rebuild and create an atmosphere of cooperation and effectiveness. There are also differences between complaining and acknowledging less than perfect or ideal situations. This is not an excuse to hide, nor to just skim over the not so pleasant stuff. You may find yourself needing to wade right in. Go ahead, this is when perspective comes into play, and understanding another’s point of view is very important. When we start not to complain, we also may find our self seeking out the other to understand them better.
   Boiling this down, it comes to having an attitude of gratitude, of being appreciative and maintaining the perspective to be both aware of and seeking for the gratitude which may or may not come easily. And to remember that this holiday which has just passed is an excellent reminder of the action of giving thanks even in the midst of war.