Friday, November 19, 2010

Of All the Things to be Thankful For

   Stand back, you will probably think I have lost my mind – until I explain, but I am thankful I can throw up. I promise not to be graphic here, but this something I am really thankful for. Why? Well, I know someone who cannot throw up. Due to some different health problems, there is just no physical way for that to occur. In other words, this way of the body removing something it deems as unwanted must be dealt with differently. So, after recently getting over a stomach bug, I am reminded once again that I am thankful that I can throw up. My body can remove that material and I can find myself on the mend once again.

   I’m thankful that I can pay my bills. It’s not that I particularly enjoy having bills, but I am thankful I can pay them. Whenever I write a check or look at the budget, watching funds flow in and out, I am thankful that I can pay the bills.
   I’m thankful for my work. I enjoy the challenges, new tasks, and those moments when a concept is really understood – those are really stellar. Hard work, perseverance, teamwork, and some really wonderful people comprise to put a spring in my step many days. The work demands continuous learning and a willingness to care about why someone does or does not complete a task. I’m thankful for the chance to serve.
   I’m thankful for many things, some of which might even seem a bit odd. But, I will continue to give thanks for the odd things.